7 Ways To Increase Your Metabolism Rate

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Metabolic ProcessMetabolism is the process of burning down the excess body calories thereby converting them into energy. The metabolic rate varies person to person. There are certain natural ways on developing your metabolism.

Everyone aims to look slim and healthy without worrying much on what we eat on a daily basis. Unfortunately we gain weight too easily which ultimately reduces the metabolic rate. Metabolic rate is dependent on numerous factors such as body hormone levels, level of physical activity, daily consumption, stress levels, and most importantly genetics. You can increase your metabolism rate with physical exercise (anaerobic exercises), losing body fats, and consuming natural foods. Follow these tips from your Melbourne, Florida physician.

1: Consume regularly and consistently

The best way to maintain a healthy metabolism is to eat regular meals at regular intervals. Always avoid staying hungry. The starvation mode of your body lowers your metabolism and harms your body. Eat short meals within 4 hours. Keep a tab on what you eat. Eating short meals is much better than eating 2 heavy meals a day.

2: Physical Exercise and Fitness

Physical work out and exercise is the best way to augment your metabolism and lose body weight. In simple words, exercise develops your muscles — the more you develop muscle the more you burn your calories. So, exercise burns your fats making weight loss easier.

Consider a combination of aerobic exercises like running, cycling, swimming along with non-aerobic like weights, body stretching, and yoga. Exercise builds your muscle and simultaneously accelerates the metabolism process.

3: Respect the food you eat

Respect the food you eat. Research on what you eat daily. Avoid junk and spicy food. Do not have a false notion that you gain weight because of the food you eat. Eat only when you are hungry and stop before you are full.

4: Eat Protein rich diet

Protein burns more easily as compared to carbohydrates. Protein is great for both body metabolism as well as weight loss. Balance your daily protein content by eating chicken, fish and calcium rich diet such as milk.

5: Regular intake of Food rich in Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Food rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B, E and C are very crucial for metabolism process. They act as antioxidants for the body thereby playing a major role as “fat burners”.

6: Sleep

Less sleep can slower the metabolism, higher the cortical and insulin levels leading to more body calories, more fats and most importantly slower metabolism which further impact your weight loss plans. Though 6 hours of sleep is mandatory, researchers have proved that a minimum of 8 hours of sleep is essential for the human body to function properly.

7: Green Tea and Coffee

We all have heard of the side effects of consuming coffee. However, limited consumption will yield positive benefits. Recent studies have proved that coffee helps in increasing metabolism. Green tea acts as a natural fat for people who are trying to maintain their body weight.

Most of the people have a notion that the more you eat, the more difficult is to reduce the weight. However the truth is if you eat healthy food with low calories on regular intervals, it not only maintains your weight but also increase your metabolism. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Always eat healthy and enjoy the bliss of healthy body with healthy metabolic rate.

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