5 Ways To Keep Your Child From Catching The Flu

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There is nothing as bad as seeing a child suffer from any illness whether it is from flu or any other illness. This is because they become inactive and don’t even smile which usually breaks a parents/guardians heart as they take care of them on their journey to recovery. You can avoid numerous trips to Melbourne, Florida pediatrician flu by following some of the tips below:

1. Balanced diet – believe it or not, the foods that you give the children can go a long way to prevent them from catching flu. Focus on ensuring that the kids eat balanced diets with lots of fruits and vegetables. Foods rich in vitamin C are highly welcome in this scenario This helps to build a strong immune system preventing the kids from suffering from numerous infections so that they can stay happy healthy and active.

2. Keeping warm – letting the kids out on the cold can increase their chances of catching the flu infection. You need to ensure that the kids are kept warm all the time especially during the winter seasons when they have higher chances of infection. This however does not mean that they should put on all the clothes in the closet as too much heat is not good for them either and it is also quite uncomfortable.

3. Hygiene – ensuring the kids are kept clean can also help to prevent infection. Advice and encourage them to wash their hands before eating, after playing, visiting the toilet and other crucial moments to keep germs at bay. Their play areas, rooms, toys and other items that the kids interact with should also be washed thoroughly and sterilized to ensure that they are in a safe environment to keep them safe from flu infections. They should also learn other good hygiene habits such as covering their mouths when sneezing or coughing so that germs do not spread.

4. Avoid contact with sick people- flu spreads very fast as it is a viral infection. Children therefore need to stay away from infected persons so that they don’t catch it. This is really the responsibility of the parents and guardians as they are supposed to keep their sick children in the house/hospital when they have flu so that they don’t infect the other kids. This means skipping school and the playground for a few days until they are better. When well taken care of by giving hot liquids like soup and prescribed medicines, the flu goes away pretty fast thus the kids do not really miss a lot.

5. Vaccination – this is one of the most effective preventive measures against flu. It is important to make sure that the children get a vaccination once a year or the number of times professional recommends. This will give you peace of mind as you can be sure that the kids will not get the flu. Get this from a trusted and reputable pediatrician to get the correct jab. There are also some antiviral flu drugs which are used to treat as well as prevent the infection.

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